Catching Our Breath Near the Ocean Tides 🌊

We drove around Los Angeles. I swear we stopped at every Landmark and ended up at the beach. Our favorite stop to reach. The excitement to get out of the congested city was real. I heard the ocean waves getting stronger and  I didn’t hesitate to hop my little self out of your truck. We both playfully raced towards the water. Almost, as if we were kids running out of class for recess. I sped up and took the lead. I had to turn back to catch a glimpse of you and the state you were in had me in tears. Six foot something, bearded man, with long hair, catching his breath. I imagined Bigfoot after me, just another tender remark I gave you. Every breath I heard went deeper and deeper and the swaying hair on your head took over your face.  I watched you in slow motion and I couldn’t help but laugh. We touched water and without hesitation we threw half of our bodies inside. I enjoyed your presence so much that the wetness of my jeans didn’t matter. We became exhausted and dragged ourselves out to the cold sand, where we then rested our bodies. We looked up at the sky and I softly placed my face on your chest. We took advantage of the scenery to discuss our dreams and fears.  Realizing I had discovered a side of you that many failed to see. You held my hand and sang me songs you’d yet to release and told me why each lyric were your favorites, while I pretended to critique them in such high manner. We shared warmth one last time as we kissed the night away and I became in lust, if only for a moment. Near the ocean tides. 


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