To my far away soul-mate,

 It is strange how we found each other at the right time, in the worst time of our lives. How can the universe allow that? I still don’t understand. 

We led busy lives and were going through changes. I helped you get through your worst pains because I knew you were hurting (both physically and mentally),  and you helped me get through my worries. I never had the time to express how comfortable I felt when you held me near you, But I am certain that our food fights at the dinner table reasssured that.

 And we never failed to find comfort in each other’s words, we were always in sync. Time was never there, only when we realized we had stayed up till 6 A. M. resolving our queries and exchanging crazy imaginative stories. We even found ourselves in Iceland, the deep mysterious sea, and the North-East; our dream place to be. And every night we shared our words, it seemed that we had forgotten our misfortunes, despite how quickly they would come back to us the next day.

 Now, you’re proudly thriving and a baby boy in route. I know why the universe works the way it does now.  I can say that I am happy for everything you said you were afraid to do, yet, you handled it with such breeze. You are that type of person who keeps a certain poise under challenging situations and I admire you for that. Now, I lay in my own bed thinking of what could have been, still both happy and sad knowing that my emotions is the only thing keeping me company at night. We aren’t as close as we used to be, I just know that you will always be there even though you weren’t meant for me. 


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